We Bet You Won’t Go To These Popular Places After Knowing Some ‘Dark’ Facts About Them


Human is one and only species who love to travel , explore himself and wants to enjoy every beautiful view of nature. It is due to their excitement. Every place has its own story that may be good or bad, but some stories can be make you think about its horrifying truth. However, none of us are aware of the true and horrifying story behind the beautiful locations.

Among us some are planning their trip to visit most beautiful places in next some weeks or months. But Here are some hidden facts you must know before you plan your next holiday.

1. Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is known for the most beautiful architectural premises. It is the most popular tourist destination for shopping addicted persons. But do you know that these attractive looking skytall buildings are build using cheap slave labour from the South Asian countries.

2. Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Every girl wants that a guy should propose her in front of Eiffel tower on his knees. Its a symbol of true love as we can say. It is especially attracts the people in love, but you won’t believe that 349 people have been committed suicide by jumping off the tower or hanging themselves to death.