What Happens In The Final 30 Seconds Before You Die


What’s in store for us beyond this life? Is it another grander destination, or will it be a state of nonexistence just like the one before we were born? These questions have haunted human beings since the dawn of our species, leading to many attempts at answering them, which includes philosophy, religion, myths, etc. But as we all now know, if there ever is any chance of an objective and conclusive answer to the problem, it would come from modern day science. Your brain does not shut down as quickly as the rest of your body when you die it’s still working. New studies have found that your brain can enter a “hyper state of perceptual neural activity” at the time of death. Essentially your brain is still projecting imagery.

A few of the qualities man possesses that are unique among all living creatures. Many attributes are so common and assumed that few give them much thought. What separates humans from other animals is not just mere brain size, but rather the efficiency or capabilities of the human brain.

While animals have a survival instinct, man is able to consider that he will one day die.

Animals always take the path of least resistance. They do not have a conscience or sense of right and wrong. On the other hand, mankind will go so far as to control his thoughts based on what he considers right or wrong.

The folds or wrinkles of the human brain are what creates the superior ‘processing power’ of the human brain. The folds allow for more surface area even in a compact space thus creating more power.