10 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For


There are a lot of things which we see everyday but we don’t know why they are present. Many household items have symbols or attachments which we tend to ignore. We leave it by thinking that they are just for decoration purposes but there is more to it. So today Incredible Facts bring to you the tricks of using objects that were earlier not known to you.

1. The symbol on a makeup container.

Not every makeup products have this symbol printed but most of them do have. At the back of the bottle, where the ingredients and instructions are printed you will find a symbol of a container with it’s lid open. Under that either 6M or 12 M or 24M would be printed. This signifies the shelf life of the product after you open the seal and use it. This is quite different from the expiry date. The expiry date might be long after the shelf life ends but using the product after shelf life expires will not be effective. It is suggested to write down the date you open the container for the first time to calculate the shelf life.

2. The small hole in IPhone between the camera and flash.

You must have always wondered what that hole was for. Well as you know nothing in IPhone is useless. That hole provides extra clarity to voice recordings, helps Siri recognize your voice better and also clears the voice during facetime. Please click on ‘Next‘ to keep reading the article.