The Sun Is Getting Quieter, Prompting Scientists To Worry About The Future Of The Earth


The sun a major planet in our solar system.  According to scientists, in the upcoming 2 years, the sun will go through a period known as ‘deep solar minimum’. This happens every 10-11 years which is said to the period on minimum activity.  The consequences of this period are a reason of concern. During this period, the sun emits a wave of particles which is prone to affect the earth’s atmosphere, communications systems, power grids, and satellites. If satellites are affected, the internet service, GPS navigation, satellite TV and our cell phone signals will be lost!


The Sun’s activities were studied by Professor Yvonne Elsworth. She belonged to the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham. When she and her team sent sound waves to examine the Sun, they noticed that the part of the Sun where the highest amount of magnetic activity is recorded, has become narrower and feebler very recently.


According the Professor, they used the technique called helioseismology using which they can study the interior structure of the Sun. She also added that the Sun is much more like a musical instrument except for the fact that its typical notes are at very low frequency.