Girlfriend Secretly Shows Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online And They Go Viral


One girlfriend secretly illustrates her everyday life with her boyfriend. Boyfriend posted them and they went viral.

How cute is a relationship when you appreciate each other? Be it their way of talking or their way of loving, appreciation is the key to longer relationship.
Over half a year ago, one couple’s life changed completely when the boy posted Comics on the Internet which went viral in some days. Those comics were actually made by his girlfriend illustrating how cute their relationship is and how good she feels when she is around him.

Catana, the girl, drew the comics so well online that now nearly 300k followers are waiting for her weekly comics. Yes, she has already become a celebrity.

We, at Incredible Facts, has brought to you the cutest of the illustrations made by Catana. New pictures are also included which are so relatable.

1. Charged.


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Isn’t this so cute? That’s what I said earlier. The comics Catana makes are so relatable and cute that you would fall in love. In this case, she illustrates how she gets charged up after a very bad day by only a hug from the one she loves. The ‘mainly’ black and white illustration made it more simple yet cute. To all the girls and boys out there. does it happen with you as well?

2. Never gets old.


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There are instances where you are so attached with the person that people think that you are newly into it but nobody knows that there is no depreciation in true love. The same is illustrated by this comic. When they were nearly 5 years into relationship, people thought they were just dating for 1 month or so. When it had been quite some time since their wedding, people thought they were newlyweds. When they already had a baby, people thought that it must be just the honeymoon phase. And finally when they said that they will be sick of each other eventually, they proved them wrong by staying together, forever. This is because there is no love lost between them no matter how much it has been. Please click ‘Next‘ to keep reading the article.