Meet These 7 Haunted Dolls! And The History Of These Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight


Dolls are pretty little toys that all children love to play with, especially girls. Some of them are even bought as showpieces. But there are some dolls that have a mysterious air around them. Strange things have happened which has baffled people all over. Some of these freakish incidents and the mannerisms of certain dolls sends shivers down our spine. Even science has failed to provide us with a specific reason so as to why such happenings have occurred in the past and continue up to the present. Read on to find out more about these haunted/ possessed dolls.

1. Annabelle.

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It was in 1970’s that a mom gifted her daughter this Raggedy Anne doll. Little did she know that this doll had something paranormal associated with it. The doll seemed to have a mind of its own and began to move about the house. Imagine the horror finding it in the hall when you are absolutely sure that you had left it in the bedroom. When Donna’s mom got to know of it, she contacted the priest immediately and found out that there was something abnormal about it. Even after shifting it into an occult museum, it has still been found in strange places.


Both Robert and his story will give you the creeps. Robert Eugene Otto owned this doll after he received it as a gift from a Bahamiam servant experienced in black magic. It is believed that the doll could speak. Eugene’s parent’s thought it was prank when they heard their son and the doll talking to each other. There were aghast when they heard the truth.