Top 5 Incredible Life Hacks For Lighters


If you don’t live separately and if you live with your family, chances are that you probably have at least 1 or 2 lighters lying around your house. Most people keep the lighter for common uses such as igniting a stove or barbecue, lighting candles or lighting incense to get that great fragrance all around your house.

However, there are more uses of a lighter than you might have ever thought. You can hack any basic lighters forgetting that cool effect to please your eyes.

Disclaimer: Fire is very dangerous. So please, don’t try this at home without expert supervision.


Did you ever wonder if you can turn the flint from your lighter into a cracker bomb firework? Just imagine how good it will be. All you have to do to transform your lighter into a cracker bomb firework is that you have to remove the spark wheel and pull out the spring and the flint. After that, entangle the flint within the spring. The flint is then supposed to be heated by a flame until it starts glowing from the heat.

In case, you want to watch it explode like a tiny little firework, all you need to do is throw the glowing flint against a non flammable surface. The friction produced by them will, in turn, proceed to spark wildly. This is the result of the impact and the more will be the spark if more is the power of throw.

For getting the best out of this tiny little firework, try this experiment out in night. I recommend you to try this outside of your home, just to avoid any chances of any of your home appliances catching fire. Lighting the friend and flowing the flint requires much caution. These caution include not touching the flint while experimenting with it. In such a case, you should use something such as a plier in order to avoid the risk of touching it.