9 Weirdest Laws Around The World! We Bet You Have Not Heard Any Of Them!


Every country in this world has a set of rules, called ‘laws’ which each and every one residing in that country has to follow. Breaking of laws can bring fine and punishments. Laws meant for the betterment of the society. But, there are some really crazy and weird laws in some of the countries which can amaze you. It will make you wonder ‘How is it even possible!’ Here is list of some of the insane laws implemented in some of the countries:

1. Smile please!

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Smiling is good for health. It is proved scientifically also that smiling leads to better physical and mental health of a person. Have you ever imagined that it’s a must in Milan (Italy)? If you don’t smile constantly, you will be imposed a fine!

2. Stay slim.

Staying fit and fine is the dream of every person. It is good to stay slim rather than getting fat. However, it’s really hard to digest the fact that it’s not allowed to get fat in Japan. They have set a certain waistline limit for every age group, exceeding which, suitable action will be taken! This law is called “Metabo”.