Did you know you can light up your Apple iPhone’s logo just like a MacBook?


While people are busy in predicting how the new model of iPhone will look like and what changes will Apple make to it, you have got the opportunity to learn something new which you can do with the iPhone you already possess.

You may not be Steve Jobs or Tim Cook but who doesn’t want to be one? One of the major changes in the technical world came after the innovation of iPhone. What he did not do, however, with the iPhones is that he didn’t allow the Apple’s logo on any iPhone to glow. This happens with the MacBook (laptop series by Apple), but iPhone hasn’t got the feature yet.

We don’t know why iPhones have not got this feature but we definitely know that if you can implement this, you can shine in your friends’ group just after you successfully shine your Apple logo on the back of your iPhone.

So, in this article we have brought a very unique process which can allow you to light up your iPhone’s Apple logo on the back.

1. Be ready with your toolkit.

Get your toolkit ready just because you don’t want to lose any internal parts of the iPhone. You have to actually unscrew your iPhone for the process and there are many minute parts inside the handset which you never want to lose. If you lose any of the minute parts inside the iPhone, you will need a much more guidance than the guidance provided down below for a different result altogether.


2. First, you will require​ the light kit.

This light kit is available online and also can be availed from any store near you. They will provide you with a pouch, inside which, contents will be an LED strip, tape, insulation and a toolkit. These are the essential requirements you will need in order to get the job done. The whole process revolves around these equipments only.