How Will This World End? 10 Biggest Warnings That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth


The universe is such a big place that it is yet to be travelled fully and is yet to be understood. The human race and NASA has improved so much over time that almost everything is possible in the field of science and technology. Mark my words, “it’s almost everything” and not just “everything” which otherwise would have led to the invention of time machine the world would be in chaos. But after even so much of advancement in the field of science and technology, there are still threats to the world which is not a light matter to ignore. There are certain threats anticipated by the scientist to hit the earth in the future which would destroy the earth perfectly. Be it solar flares or be it asteroid impact, we the people of earth, must be aware to face them. So, in this list we are going to talk about 10 threats which could end the existence of life on earth once and for all.

1. Artificial Intelligence taking over.

Artificial intelligence also known as AI, is taking over the whole concept of humanity. Now artificial people, robots and many more are being produced everyday. Things like Siri and Google assistant are understanding our sentences and giving answers according to it. The more human race is being taken over, the more threat it would be for the human race. According to a study, a center said that by 2075, machines will be capable to reach the intelligence level of human by 90%. This is very harmful for the future of the human race on earth.

2. Alien Invasion.

NASA, since a lot of time are researching about life on other planets and there are some exoplanets which are discovered by NASA which are most probably to contain life. If they really contain life and they are very advanced in technology just like us, then it may be possible that they find life on earth any day soon and they would invade our place. There is a small possibility of this invasion but people said that even if there is small possibility, we should be prepared. Even if the aliens’ intentions are right, they should be killed because foreign pathogens may cause harm to the humans of Earth.