10 Unknown Facts That’ll Change The Way You See History


“The more I see, the less I know for sure” -John Lennon. Very rightly put. The more we grow, the way we look at things change. The only thing that can bring you close to truth is your change in perception. So here are some information from the history which were not very clearly conveyed to us earlier.

1. Jefferson Davis was never actually tried for treason.


The Federal Government was worried about the consequences. They thought the Confederate President would either turn himself in and turn into a martyr or succeed in proving to the jury that the session was legal. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court decided to bring out the truth. So he set up an interesting argument about the case. At the end of which it was proved that the accused was innocent and the charges of treason against him were dropped. Although it took time to get back his citizenship rights. The rights were restored to him in the year 1978.

2. The last cycad tree alive.


The cycad trees of the species Cycadophyta were nearing their extinction when a botanist decided to shift a cycad tree to the Royal Botanical Garden in 1895. The world must be thankful to that person whose idea made it possible to keep the cycad tree alive. Because after that no more cycad tree grew on any part of the world. Please click on ‘Next‘ to move on to the next page to keep reading the article.