4 Facts That Sound Like Lies But Are Actually True


Regardless of our age, there will always be things in this world which we are yet to learn. No person can learn everything in this short time span of life a person gets. That is why Incredible Facts have brought to you some unknown facts which are shocking enough to blow your minds.

1. Biology.


This has always been an interesting subject. The only way to know about what’s inside our body. I’m sure you all have learnt biology during your school times but as it said learning never stops. There is a 100% possibility that each glass of water we drink contains in it at least one molecule in it which had once passed through the body of dinosaur.
The only bird which can fly backwards is a humming bird. The cells of which bacteria are made of are 10 times less than the total number of bacteria in our body. There is another creature in this world whose finger prints are almost similar to human beings, even when observed under electron microscope. And they are koala bears.

The only creature who can sustain extreme conditions is the Tardigrade or the Moss Piglet or Water Bear. It can even survive in conditions like permafrost, boiling temperature, radiation and vacuum of space. Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus existed at a time difference which is more than the time span between Tyrannosaurus and humans. The tiny earthworms have five hearts in their body. The heart of a blue whale is large enough to let a child swim through its arteries. Human beings share a 50% similar Dna with bananas. Have you ever heard of a food which never goes foul? Well the answer will be honey. It doesn’t matter if you keep it forever, you can still consume it. Please click on ‘Next‘ to keep reading the article.