10 Household Items You Did Not Know Had Expiration Dates


We are always cautious about checking the expiry dates before buying anything. Be it milk or rice. We remain alert about the expiry dates of our beauty products but what we forget is to change the products timely which doesn’t have a printed date over it’s case.

1. Pillows.

This might not sound at all necessary but believe me worn out pillows can cause some serious problems. Changing the pillow covers is not enough, you are required to change the whole pillow itself. Maximum a pillow can be used 2-3 years. After that you yourself will realize why it needs to be changed. The pillow loses it’s shape and becomes uneven which results in neck pain. With time the pillows, whatever type they might be of, becomes the home for dust mites, which we won’t be able to see with naked eyes.


2. Slippers.

Though we don’t go outside on the roads wearing slippers, our house floors too are covered with dusts. We try to keep out houses clean as much as possible but we cannot totally wipe out the germs. So those germs get stuck to our sleepers and are transferred to different parts of our houses. Therefore it is suggested to change our sleepers almost after every 6 months. Sleepers give rise to a perfect environment for spread of fungal infection. We must wash our sleepers as much as we can.