Our Ears Can Indicate Our Health, and These 6 Factors Shouldn’t Be Ignored


A healthy hygiene can range from brushing your teeth, washing your body and most importantly cleaning your ears. However, not everyone knows that earwax has a protective function that can indicate the state of our health.

Earwax protects and moisturizes the skin of the ear canal, which prevents dry, itchy ears. It also contains special chemicals that fight off infections that could damage the skin inside the ear.

 There are different types of colors your ear wax can be, and with the help of a q-tip, you can determine that the color means.

1. Grey Earwax:

If your earwax is of grey color, and you are experiencing no symptoms, then there is nothing to worry about. Chances are it is just dust, and those who live in the city will experience this because of the pollution in the air.

2. Traces of Blood In the Earwax:

If you notice traces of blood in your ear wax, it can indicate that the eardrum is perforated. In this case, your ears are susceptible to infections and your hearing can be greatly affected because of it.