10 Differences Between Men and Women


Disclaimer first, this article is not about the difference between men and women regarding how god made them. Yes, we are different in that way but this article does not cover them.

There is a fact that men and women are from different planets. For science nerds, this might be a sickening statement but for those who understand sarcasm, they might have already understood. The way we act and react to any situation is so different that sometimes it actually makes us wonder whether really are we from different planets.

Well, so we at Incredible Facts have brought to you 10 differences between men and women which we find in our daily life. Alert: This article is going to be hilarious.

1. Reaction when a friend gets into a relationship.


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For women, when their best friend gets into a relationship she is actually happy for her. She tries to know more about how things work out and how does the guy look and finally conclude the conversation with “I’m so happy for you”.

For boys, things are absolutely different. We all know how much boys rely on sarcasm to make people laugh. When it comes to two male best friends, you can’t see them talking without sarcasm or without insulting the other one. The same happens when one guy gets into relationship. Without knowing anything about the girl on the relationship the first thing they say is “Is she blind?”. No matter how good you look, your best friend is going to make you realise that you are a good for nothing. Basically ,that is just for insulting and fun and they don’t mean it from the bottom of their heart.

2. Differences in desktop.


If you look into a desktop of a woman, you will find so many things in it as if it is not their desktop but some folder. Moreover, they keep things so organised that you can’t even think of.

For a boy, on the other hand, we see you a very few application on the desktop because basically they don’t want to show everything to everybody. It’s better to keep some things secret, right?