8 Most Disturbing Children’s Drawings That Will Leave You Horrified


Drawings are liked and loved by many of us. Especially in young age, almost all of us love drawing. Kids are sweet and innocent at heart. Unlike teenagers, their minds and hearts are not corrupted. They express their true emotions and feelings. At times, they are way to too straightforward. They don’t care what others think about it. Take a look at some of these children’s drawings that will give you a shock. Maybe they will inspire you to dig through your old drawings and see whether you were as bizarre as them.


This little girl has drawn a picture in which she is standing with a strange creature, seemingly a demon or alien. She has also indicated that they are best friends. Surely someone needs to have a talk with this little girl and know the reason why she has not preferred any human as her best friend!

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This terrifying red eye with a quotation of ‘I am watching you’ is looks really creepy. Wonder why on earth a child would draw something like this. The fact that it is misspelled adds the creepiness. Awkward indeed!