9 Celebrities Who Look Nearly Unrecognisable Without Makeup


In our minds, celebrities are perfect humans…or aliens. So, we really try to find proof anywhere we can that they are just like us. Well, most of these celebrities actually chose to bear it all to prove the same point we desire for. They don’t care if people tell them they look better with makeup or without it or if they were “ugly” or “fake” or that that were lying. They were brave and natural and we love them more for it. Makeup is magic, these photos prove that, but it also proves that everyone needs to bear it all once in a while to get in touch with themselves.

1. Emilia Clarke.

Well most of us watch Game of Thrones just to watch this beauty! Have a look at this picture which she posted in facebook. This is how she looks naturally!

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2. Beyonce.

This one is a bit of a shocker, not because Beyonce looks terrible without makeup, but she does look really different. It just catches you off guard, but at least she seems happy in her natural look. Beyonce herself said that she was glad when this photo was released because it is not as unflattering as other makeup-free shots have been. It’s clear that she had not lost any fans over this photo.