9 Signs She Is Madly In Love With You


The relation between a man and a woman is one of the most discussed and debatable topics in the world. It has been a subject of many books, films, and stage plays. You won’t find a single man or a woman on this planet who can tell you the sure (with 100% accuracy) ways on how to get along with your partner. Often, what we understand as a ‘yes’ turns out to be a ‘no’ and vice-versa.

According to different people we interacted with, it can be said that women are good at reading minds; while men are good at non-verbal communication. Now, it’s easy for a girl to find out if a guy likes/loves her; but what about men? Well, we’re here to help them out.

We at Incredible Facts have compiled the list of 11 subtle signs that women give when they’re madly in love with you.

1. If she’s playing with her hair.

When a girl is shy but wants to open up with you, she will flirt, and touch her hair again and again.

2. How does she hold her hands when you’re around?

If she holds her hand tight and puts them folded around her chest, then it means she is proud to have you. If her hands are dropped low, or she holds them down, then it could say that she’s not yet ready to open up.

3. She would often look into a mirror.

So, it’s a fact that people always want to look their best. If she checks herself in every 10 minutes, then it only means she wants to look the best for you.