9 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist


Japanese game shows are known for their off-the-wall bizarre game shows, which often put contestants in incredibly embarrassing and sometimes even downright brutal scenarios. Weirdness is embraced to the fullest extent and it’s not unusual to see things like:

Borderline-torturous physical challenges.
Eccentric yet degrading costumes.
Bright colors and flashing lights.
Combining the animated culture to be expected from Japan and the sadism of the Saw film franchise, these game shows are wildly entertaining yet horrifyingly insane.

Here are 9 of the weirdest Japanese game shows that actually exist.

 1. Candy or Not Candy — 

The simple premise challenges celebrity contestants to find out if what they’re putting in their mouth is candy or the everyday object it appears to be.

Using an art form known as sokkuri, chocolate has been created to look like anything from a shoe to a doorknob. However, unlikely contestants will end up potentially biting into these inanimate objects.

2. DERO! DERO! —

Contestants on this game show are forced to solve puzzles and answer questions, which may sound simple enough. However, the show makes sure the pressure is at an all time extreme by having the contestants in high-stress scenarios while playing.

Playing involves anything from balancing on a retracting plank to being trapped in a room quickly filling with water.

3. TORE! —

When it comes to Japanese game shows, the pressure of answering a question is never enough. Also, getting an answer wrong could mean being subject to truly peculiar punishment.

In TORE! the contestant attempts to answer seven questions before they are completely mummified. Not only are the contestants wrapped in a tightly wound cloth from their head to toe, they also get placed in a tomb.