8 Genuine Proofs That Lord Hanuman Is Still Alive


India is known as the majority of Hinduism. Hinduism is one of the most scientific of all religions. In Hinduism you can find scientific logic behind every rule and regulations of this religion. Lord Hanuman is also a respected avatar whom we worship. Still, rumors saying that Lord Hanuman might still be among us in this era.

1. Immortality.

We all know that Lord Hanuman is beloved of Shri Ram Chandra. Lord Hanuman is immortal and it is also said that he was granted the wish to remain on Earth as long as Lord Ram’s tale and name was still heard and read. We know he was born, but there has been no mention of his death. In history of Hinduism religious books you can’t read about the death of Lord Hanuman.


2. A Photograph.

Everyone of you might saw this photograph ever once in your life. It is widely speculated that this photograph is indeed of Lord Hanuman. Someone accidentally saw Him in 1988 and took a photograph. The original owner didn’t survive, as he is dead now, but the photograph is still in records as an evidence of Lord Hanuman existence.