8 Bumper Stickers That Shows How Funny Indians Can Be


When it comes to thinking creatively and innovatively, Indians are always one step ahead. People remain so creative nowadays that they can even modify anything by only putting the creative indian touch. However, indians become more innovative when it comes to decorating their things. It might be putting some flowers on a new car or just writing something at the back of the car. Either way, they do not let their creativity go in vain.

They put stickers, slogans and images on the bumpers. The stickers can be of many types. It can be funny or it can be rude, but anyway, it always stays funny. Some of them are so funny that you cannot just get over it for a long time henceforth. You would just want to know who actually wrote or sticked that epic slogan (or to be precise, sticker)

Check out these awesome and epic bumper stickers from Indian roads which will make your day:

1. No Volkswagen= Auto.

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This auto driver had no regrets on his financial status and rather took it very positively. He wrote on the back of his photo that he doesn’t have the condition to afford a volkswagen and that is why he is driving an auto. Such an optimistic guy.

2. Crazy Woman Driver.

When there is a dent in the surface of the car, you know that it has been hit. And who can get it hit as hard as a woman driving it? We all know that it is a crazy woman driver and hence somebody put this warning sticker on the damaged car.