7 Secrets About Women Every Man Should Know


What do women really want? Do they want to be asked out? Or, do they want to give a little more time to the relationship? Why do they have mood swings? What made her angry today? All these questions can boggle a man’s mind. Most men complain that they don’t understand women. It’s nothing unusual. Women have always been a mystery. Even the scientists tried to decode why women are so different to men. But today we are not going to go so deep. We hope that these simple tips will help you to understand women a little bit better. However, here are some secrets about women, and they’re something which every man should know.

1. True for some, but not for all!

Here is a guide to know whether or not the woman is married. What women want will always be a vague concept, as they are highly moody. Most single women always find a way to seduce the opposite gender and we can know that from the way they dress and to the extent they are willing to expose their body. This is true to some, but not for all.

2. That’s deep!

Follow this little tip if you want to win a woman’s heart. This is so accurate! Women love to be correct and they love when you agree with them. Even if what they’re saying isn’t correct, they want you to agree. Be careful here of what you reply to her words or you will be in deep trouble for this mistake.

3. Appropriate description.

If you want to gain the attention of a beautiful lady here’s a trick. Don’t give much attention to her for some time because she is too desperate to know the reason why you are not interested. Sometimes women are more interested in men that don’t give them enough attention. Don’t overdue acting uninterested, but a little but can keep them interested. Now you have an idea about what goes on in her mind.