7 Amazing Wonders Of Nature Which Even Science Could Never Prove! How Is This Possible?


Even though science has pushed our understanding of the living world to new heights, there are still some things that just plain baffle us. It seems that the more we uncover about life on this planet, the deeper the mysteries grow. As we continue to grow in our scientific knowledge of the planet, there’s still so much of the universe that needs explaining. Mankind can be humbled and inspired by these crazy unexplained phenomena that leave even scientists scratching their heads. Have a look at some of them:

1. The Synchronous Fireflies.

A species of glowing beetles known as Synchronous fireflies, indigenous to Tennessee’s Great Smokey Mountains, are a rare and striking sight. They have the unique ability to synchronize their blinking. How they are able to do this is still not known. Some do give some explanations. Fireflies are actually winged beetles that use bioluminescence during twilight to attract mates.

The light is produced in their lower abdomen where the insects combine the chemical luciferin with the enzyme luciferase in the presence of magnesium ions and oxygen to produce light. Fireflies are extremely efficient at what they do. Nearly hundred percent of the energy produced in the chemical reaction is converted to light. Even after many explanations, it continue to surprise people!

2. Naga Fireballs.

An occurrence in both Thailand and Laos, there is reports of glowing red orbs that rise from the famous Mekong River. Several thousand fireballs supposedly rise a few hundred meters high, and then disappear. Certainly, a case that defies explanation!