6 Honest Confessions Of FRIENDS Actors That Will Leave You Surprised


Friends was one of the most successful TV shows of all time. It catapulted the careers of the six main actors into forever superstardom and continues to make them millions. Despite the fact that there are no longer new episodes of the show being made, there are still new things to learn about what the actors who starred in it said about the show itself. There’s a little something in every character that one can relate to. The actors who played important roles on the show made honest opinions about their characters. Have a look at some honest confessions from the FRIENDS cast.

1. Matt LeBlanc on Joey.

Well, we can only imagine how difficult it is to come back to normal after playing a character as awesome as Joey’s. Honestly, we also had to turn off half our brains while watching Joey in action but we loved it anyway. But the fact is there have been barely any characters that had us cracking up by the minute. Joey is absolutely adorable and we are glad it’s Matt LeBlanc who played the character to perfection.

2. Matt LeBlanc on pairing Joey and Rachel together.

To be honest, it felt a wee bit weird for all of us. Not to forget how bad we felt when Ross found out about them in a way he shouldn’t have. And also not to forget how hard we laughed right after that because Ross is just fine with it!