5 Spot The Difference Pictures To Test How Smart You Are


Spot the Difference games are a simple, yet fun way of testing one’s intelligence and observational powers. Most of us have enjoyed scouring over complex images and trying to find objects hidden within them. It’s even harder to spot the differences between two seemingly identical images. It takes a keen eye, but here are a few of the hardest spot-the-difference challenges you’ll ever see. Here are five pictures for those who love a visual challenge – the quicker one is able to solve them, the greater the attention span of that person.

1. 3 or 4 planks?

Take a look at this photo. At first, you probably didn’t notice anything difficult about it. You probably didn’t realize it’s an optical illusion. If you look a little closer, it actually looks like there are 4 pieces of planks on one side, but if you take a look at it from the other side only 3 pieces of planks is visible.

2. Elephant legs.

Elephants does have 4 legs and we all know that. So what about it the picture below? If you look at this elephant really quickly, you might think that someone just gave it multiple legs. Looking at it real closely, it looks like the only real foot that belongs to the elephant is the back leg. Many are still trying to figure about the number of legs found in this illusion.