5 Simple Maths Hacks


Maths has always been a tricky subject. You are either very good at it or you are not good at all. But Maths is a compulsory subject for every competitive exam. It would have been really helpful if you knew these tricks earlier. Anyways it’s better late than never.

1. Quickest way to calculate percentage.


I’m sure nobody has taught you this trick earlier. The method of dividing the percentage amount by 100 and then multiplying with the number is too time consuming. Instead try this method. In this method, you just need to divide the percent and the number both by 10. The next step is multiplying the answer you get with each other. As dividing any number by 10 is really easy, you can solve the problem with this method very quickly.

2. Quickest way to find the square of a two digit number ending with 5.


Multiplying two digit numbers are really time consuming. But remember this trick is only helpful if the two digit number ends with 5. As the square of five is twenty five, the resultant answer we get will always contain twenty five as it’s last two digits. Then, we need to take the ten’s digit of the original number and multiple with the number we get by adding one to the original ten’s digit number. Whatever answer we get along with twenty five is the resultant square.