5 Countries In The World That Are Unsafe For Women. Is Your Country On The List?


Women live in a very insecure world indeed. Rape, FGM, and gender based violence are just some of the problems that women face daily in certain parts of the world. Women make about 75% of all travel decisions. Some countries are known for their warmth and hospitality while others are tolerated by women tourists because they are relatively safe and have notable things to see. Some countries, however, are hostile and hold an array of dangers for the unwary traveler. According to estimates up to 200 million or more women and girls are demographically ‘missing’. Here are the 5 most dangerous countries for women.


GBV in Colombia is alarmingly high in 2010. The National Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Science reported 45,000 cases of domestic violence against women. Still, few organized systems exist to help women and girls needing post-violence care, meaning that many do not receive appropriate medical treatment. To add insult to injury, it’s rare for GBV perpetrators to be brought to justice.


From an early age, life’s a struggle for Afghan girls, with 87 percent left illiterate and 70-80 percent forced into marriages (54% of girls aged between 15 to19 are married, according to UNICEF). Having a family can be an ordeal in itself: with a maternal mortality ratio of 400 in 100,000 (Vs 8 for the UK), and cases of domestic violence high.