10 Amazing Ideas That Took Advertising to a Whole New Level


Advertisements are supposed to be brief and eye catching. Hence companies thrive to come up with new, innovative ideas. And at times we are bound to admit that the outcome comes out incredibly. Hence we have tried here to organise a list of best examples for you to appreciate. Some are funny, some are impactful while others are really innovative, but all of them serve their purposes very accurately.

1. Remarkable use of handgrip to showcase product.


At the first glance everyone is supposed to think that the hand is wearing a watch. But look closely, is it so? It is just a wonderful idea of turning an usual handgrip of a public transport into an advertisement. When you place your hand inside the grip, it will look like you are wearing a stylish watch. This idea is designed by a watch company named IWC.

2. Hair color from Wella.


We all know how famous the company Wella Professionals is in the field of hair dressing. Now an advertisement this artistic can only be expected from such a well known company like this. The pictures imitate the hair as the hair of brush, intermingling with each other. Implying that your coloring experience would be provided delicately with great care to give you that artistic touch. Please click ‘Next‘ to keep reading the article.